Long Trail – Day 2

Long Trail – Day 2

June 15, 2016

Congdon Shelter to Goddard Shelter

A previous law professor of mine said of the BAR exam that “it doesn’t measure how smart you are, it measures how bad you want to be a lawyer.” I feel that hiking or thru-hiking can be analogized similarly. It doesn’t measure how strong or quick you are, it measures how badly you want to finish.

Today I had planned to do 18 miles to Kid Gore Shelter, but I’m still finding my sea legs, so to speak. Speaking of that I found a great book at Congdon last night called Sailing Solo Around The World. It was a fascinating look at an expedition, but the nautical terminology was unfamiliar. Somewhat related I now have a trail name: Paperback. Gourmet (the ex military guy) found my bringing four books on the trail comical, and apropos for a new name.

As I write this I sit around a fire at Goddard. Another great night of great conversation. Met LBJAY and Dirty Don, two great Christian guys from Georgia, the first southerners I’ve met. As soon as I heard Dirty’s accent, I knew he was southern. We had a great conversation, and LBJAY enlivened the campfire with stories of Grizzlies in the Yellowstone and out west.

I hope to make it to Stratton Pond tomorrow, but won’t make a fuss if I don’t.

Total mileage is 14.4 miles.


6 thoughts on “Long Trail – Day 2

  1. Paperbacks, huh. I met a lady on the trail in Glacier NP 14 years ago. She was carrying heart-shaped rocks… lots of them. I thought she was nuts! 😉

    Funny, but I’ll soon be hiking Glacier again with three others, and she is one of them… a reunion! I will also be visiting Yellowstone again soon, the Big Horns, and the Badlands. Fun, fun, fun!

    I’ve never had a trail name. 😉

    Beautiful country you’re traveling, Paperback!

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