Boone Fork Trail

February 18, 2018

As we begin to explore the trails surrounding Boone, N.C there is a marked difference to the spartan ruggedness of the Pisgah Ranger District near Asheville, N.C. Instead of the smooth paths winding through the woods, there are significantly more roots and rock to contend with.

One of the more popular trails in the high country is the Boone Fork Trail, located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway at the Price Lake Picnic area. The 5.2-mile loop is not difficult, as there is only 682 ft. of elevation gain, but the roots and rocks make it more arduous than expected. With that said, our two-year old was able to hike 4 of the 5 miles (with some help over the roots).

After crossing the bridge, you can hike west (left) 1.5 miles to a small bald with views of Calloway Peak at Grandfather Mt. State Park. We chose to head north (right), following the creek for many miles before summiting the glen. The trail is marked every .5 miles with a marker. At 2.5 miles we stopped by a small creek with subtle cascades to eat lunch. With the sun shining and an ever-so-slight chill, it was a wondrous time.

With the lack of elevation, many camping spots at Price Lake and countless picnic areas this is a very family friendly destination.

GPS link:

Total mileage is 5.82 miles.

8 thoughts on “Boone Fork Trail

  1. At age 70, I’m finding myself less inclined to make these hikes anymore. Also, living alone makes it more likely that I have to hike alone, and that’s not always the best idea. For that reason, I enjoy your posts all the more. I don’t mind Rough Ridge Trail because it’s relatively easy, and more people are around. I haven’t climbed Hawk’s Bill for almost two years for the same reasons. Thank you for your interesting commentaries and “spot on” photography.

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