DIY Hammock

As I embark upon making my own gear; I spent an inordinate amount of time debating whether to build a tarp and sleep on the ground or make a hammock/tarp combination. It is more lightweight to only use a tarp, but I do like the ability to sleep looking amongst the trees. Last year when I hiked the Bartram Trail was the first extended trip with a hammock and I have not gone back since.

Gear: hammock plus straps


*Please note that I did not order the Hammock Kit, as I wanted the lighter fabric.

Ordered from: Rip Stop By The Roll (Durham, NC)

Video used to make:

Instructions: 1) cut length of fabric to desired length. I wanted an 11’ hammock, so I followed the instructions to cut to a length of 11’ 8”, 2) sew the side ½” roll side hems, 3) sew the ends in the prescribed gathered end sewn channel at (2” sewn channel), 4) Cut Amsteel at 26” (2 sections for both ends, 5)  put the Amsteel through the gathered end, 6) tie the knot into a figure eight, 7) feed knot into covered portion, 8) repeat on other end, 9) attach the cinch buckle to the Amsteel (combination of over/under), 10) cut the Venom webbing at 11’, 11) sew a series of stiches into webbing to make a loop, we sewed an X and then a square around that X.

Overall, this was my first time sewing for an extended period. My wife, Emily walked me through most of it and started many of the hems. She sewed the entire first side hem and I watched to learn. Overall, this project took 4.5 hours, but that was because she was teaching me and incorporates all the interruptions from a 4-year-old in the house.

The HyperD is developed by Rip Stop By The Roll and is very soft, tough and lightweight.

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