Long Trail – Day 3

Long Trail – Day 3

June 16, 2016

Goddard Shelter to Stratton Pond Shelter

The first two days I had no appetite. Absolutely none. I maybe ate 1000-2000 calories. Something happened last night that kicked my hunger into gear and I became absolutely ravenous. Today I started thinking all day long about fish and chips over and over. I could actually taste the greasy fries in my mouth. I’ve never even been that big of a fan of fish and chips. Hiking does funny things to you.

At 5:45 this morning I said goodbye to LBJAY and Dirty Dan. Great guys, and I wish them the best. Just above Goddard I caught a magnificent sunrise from the Glastenbury Fire Tower. Green Mountain National Forest is a treasure. I found my stride and just felt like hiking all day long. Up and down the hills, under the green canopy, over creeks besides beaver dams.

At the end of the day I summited Stratton Mountain, with another amazing 360 degree view from a fire tower.

I met my first fellow LT hikers, a great couple from Montreal. The female, Stop and Go was struggling with foot pain and could hardly walk. I felt for her, but she told her partner that she wasn’t going to skip ahead or stop hiking.

Also met a group of 5 middle schoolers and high schoolers hiking the LT with two adults. They’re absolutely killing it and seem to be in great spirits.

Another great night by the fire discussing the difference between reading Kerouac at 21 versus reading it through the lens of adulthood. Without backpacking you forget the important things, stopping, listening, learning.

Total mileage is 19.4 miles.


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