Squirrel Gap Trail, Horse Cove Gap Trail

October 5, 2017 Squirrel Gap Trail is unique in Pisgah Forest. Most trails derive from established wagon roads or logging routes from days gone by. Squirrel is a single track path that weaves around mountains. From what I’ve gathered online, it was established under the C.C.C. for hiking. Tangentially, I’ve always been fascinated with the … More Squirrel Gap Trail, Horse Cove Gap Trail

Foster Creek Trail

October 4, 2017 I’ve never said this before, but I would never recommend this trail for anyone to hike. From what I’ve gathered, this area was clear-cut two years ago. Prior to this, it was a lush natural area of white pine, laurel and hardwoods next to the Foster Creek (located off Foster Creek Road … More Foster Creek Trail

Biltmore Campus Trail, Forest Festival Trail, Forest Discovery Trail

October 1, 2017 The countdown to finishing the Pisgah 400 (all the trails of the Pisgah Ranger District in North Carolina) has begun. Emily and I concocted a great plan: we would stay for the week at her family’s house in Hendersonville and I would spend the days hiking, and then spend the nights with … More Biltmore Campus Trail, Forest Festival Trail, Forest Discovery Trail

Wagon Road Gap Trail

September 17, 2017 It’s been nearly a month since my last hiking post, much too long an absence from the woods. Life gets hectic at times, things happen, schedules tighten, but one must make time for the outdoors. The Wagon Road Gap Trail is a connector between Turkey Pen Gap Trail and the South Mills … More Wagon Road Gap Trail

Vineyard Gap Trail

April 22, 2017 I respect people that hike the Fastest Known Times (FKT) on trails. As much as I would respect any stellar athlete at an elite level of competition. I just don’t see the point of hiking something the fastest. I love those moments where you simply stop in the middle of the trail with … More Vineyard Gap Trail