Long Trail – Day 12

Long Trail – Day 12

June 25, 2016

Skyline Lodge to Battell Shelter

My Achilles is really starting to improve and I had a great day of hiking. From Skyline the trail immediately heads up Breadloaf Mt. This was quickly followed by Mt. Wilson and Mt. Roosevelt. It was somewhat humid, but I kept drinking a lot of water at each source. As a general rule, I will chug a 32 oz. and immediately refill it for the climbs ahead.
It is interesting hiking with Sam and Chuck. They are very serious people, so gone is the frivolity of hiking with GBear, Snus, House and Gray Blaze. They seem very intent on mapping out every day, every mile, every detail. Don’t get me wrong, I plan as well, but the trail has a certain amount of leeway, so you can speed up for slow down depending on the terrain and weather.

Speaking of weather, I have been very fortunate that in 12 days I have not hiked in the rain at all. I know my luck will run out eventually, so I am not complaining about the heat now.
I’m terribly excited about seeing my family in 70 miles. I think about it all day long.

I’m camped at Battell Shelter tonight, fighting off the black flies, which are demons from hell.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading up Mt. Abraham for sunrise.

Total mileage is 14 miles.

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