Long Trail – Day 18-19

Long Trail – Day 18-19

July 1-2, 2016

Johnson, VT

Not only a zero, but an elusive double zero. For the past two days I’ve been loving the time spent with my family, time with my friends Becca and David, exploring Johnson, taking naps, eating, and then eating some more, and exploring Burlington.
It’s been so good to be around my family. Yesterday was tough because so much has changed with Alice, it broke my heart that she was shy around me. Alas, she soon recognized Dada. She has two new teeth and does this new thing where she shakes her head from side to side and laughs. I missed her. It was so joyous seeing my wife, holding her and just spending time with her. This trip is the longest we have been apart in years. When I came to Becca and David’s house Ramona ran to me and threw her arms around me.

The house we are staying at is incredible with a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

This afternoon we went to Burlington and I went to Outdoor Gear Exchange where I purchased a new sleeping pad. My 3/4 pad is thin and I have not slept that comfortably on the trail. I bought a Klymit Insulated Static V for a good price and its considerably nicer.
I texted Radar today, for he did not take a break in Johnson. He said that he was already in Jay. I asked him about the condition of the trail ahead and he said it was “rough” with slick rocks and lots of ups and downs. I think it will be tough, but it should only take me two nights and three days. It will cap a wonderful adventure, but I am ready to get back to my beloved North Carolina and the south and life with my family.

Total mileage is 00 miles.

descent through field to Johnson, VT
descent through field to Johnson, VT

3 thoughts on “Long Trail – Day 18-19

  1. Jonathan,
    Really enjoying your blog. You put it together beautfully. Thanks for sharing. I found it through Emily’s FB page. So glad your double-zero days were wonderful with family & friends. While we have not ket, I know Emily from City Lights and am glad to know you some through your hiking blog. I will read the rest of your hikes after I finish the Long Trail with you. I grew ip in Maine but have never hiked on the long trail…di know VT some though so enjoying it. WNC definitely has good hiking so its a good to be in a place where trails & woods are prominent for when the winding path calls. Happy hiking.

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