Wash Creek Trail, Trace Ridge Trail, Spencer Gap Trail

February 17, 2017

I can’t say I’ve seen stranger weather. In mid-February, the temperature was in the low 70’s, the sun shone, bees flittered about in apparent confusion and blossoms began to sprout from the ground. I may not like climate change, but I sure wasn’t going to be sitting at a desk on a day like today.

I continue to hike the Pisgah 400 trails, with only 100 left till completion. The North Mills River Recreation Area is better know to mountain bikers, but to a hiker seeking solitude, it has much to offer.

I hiked a giant 16 mile loop and crossed three trails off my list: Wash Creek Trail, Trace Ridge Trail and Spencer Gap Trail. For those prospectively hiking this trail, a word of caution: Don’t use the National Geographic map. It is incorrect, has wrong mileages and creates endless confusion. The Western North Carolina Trail Guide is more detailed and accurate.

I thoroughly enjoyed Spencer Gap with its lush foliage, mica infused trails, and many creek crossings.

GPS Link: https://www.movescount.com/moves/move143146463

Total mileage is 16.18 miles.

6 thoughts on “Wash Creek Trail, Trace Ridge Trail, Spencer Gap Trail

  1. Amazing weather! We are having exceptionally warm weather in Minnesota as well, expect 60 degrees tomorrow, snow is gone. Hard to complain, but I haven’t even been snow shoeing yet. I’m confident that will come soon however. Congrats on your Pisgah trail completions! Almost looks like spring there, but for the lack of leaves on the deciduous trees. A beautiful day! And, yes… the picture of your shoes under water is definitely weird. 😉

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