Big Creek Trail

March 19, 2017

Located in the North Mills River area, the Big Creek Trail is partially a pleasant stroll amongst a verdant forest and calm creek and partially a ball-buster of a haul up a mountain.

Big Creek starts at the Hendersonville Reservoir, a convergence of Fletcher Creek and Big Creek which creates the North Mills River. The first 2.7 miles was a very easy terrain with lush foliage and the calming sounds of the creek. There are four (4) creek crossings. With the water level down, it was no problem to rock hop, but in wetter times, there would be no way to avoid getting your feet wet.

The last two (2) miles were completely uphill. I gained 2,000 feet, and there are relatively few switchbacks. I’ve taken the past couple of weeks off due to weather, and I felt winded for the first mile uphill. The trail ends at the Blue Ridge Parkway at mile 407.

With the wind blowing hard at 4,800 feet, I headed back down Big Creek, enjoying the sounds of the creek anew.

GPS Link:

Total mileage is 13 miles.


3 thoughts on “Big Creek Trail

  1. Nice hike Jonathan, and great pictures -I especially like the trail shots among the twisted/curled forest branches. Still getting used to the clean (almost) shaven look! 😉 And lastly, I too feel I’ve taken the past few weeks/months off since I have not had my snowshoes on all winter… bummer! Alas, I’ve nearly given up! Planning hikes now, instead.

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  2. I usually grow let mine grow when I’m on the trail for extended periods. Sometimes it stays on into the fall, sometimes for several years! Gotta admit it’s nice not having to shave!

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