Rainbow Falls Trail, Bullhead Trail (last 1/3)

September 17, 2022

The first 2.7 miles of the Rainbow Falls Trail are very popular. Throngs of tourists traipse up what is a very well-maintained trail to the famous 80 ft. falls. Large, hand-hewn stones make stairs upon trails large enough fit 4-5 people side-by-side. On this day, the falls were but a trickle as rain has been less lately in the mountains. After the falls, the trail reverts to classic Smoky’s style: single track switchbacks with tougher climbs. I loved it. The trail pushes on for 2.6 more miles until intersecting Alum Cave Trail, which must be one of the most traveled trails in the park.

After a slight rest and snack, the descent down Bullhead proceeded without a hitch (or snakes this time). Bullhead offers some of the best views and is well worth the trip.

Total mileage is 12.8 miles.

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