Hatcher Mountain Trail, Little Bottoms Trail

February 11, 2023

Abrams Creek Ranger Station is a wonderful area. Nestled below Happy Valley and the Chilhowee Mountain plateau, it is isolated and unique. Departing on foot from the parking area, wisps of 1970’s nostalgia waft in the air. The signs have moss on them, and I half expected to see a placard with an owl encouraging me to “give a hoot, don’t pollute”. In season, this would be an amazing, temperate area to camp with friends or family. 

From the Ranger Station, I opted for a light, lollipop hike of Cooper Road Trail, Hatcher Mountain Trail, and Little Bottoms Trail. The highlight of the hike were the views of (a mini) gorge and Abrams Creek. It is a beautiful area. Along the way, I was able to take videos of campsite #1 (at the corner of Little Bottoms and Cooper) and campsite #17 (off Little Bottoms). I love to camp, but I often wonder before a camp, what the conditions are like, how big is the site, etc. I have started a YouTube channel under my blog name to show short clips of the campsites. Like this blog, my hope is that it inspires would-be hikers and backpackers to get into the wilderness. 

Total mileage is 11.2 miles.

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