Crooked Arm Ridge Trail, Rich Mountain Loop Trail

February 25, 2023

Even the worst day spent hiking is still better than the best day in the office. That maxim was certainly tested on this day as it was cool (see upper 40’s) and rainy. Since Sunday was better weather than Saturday, I chose a shorter route in the rain. I hiked up Crooked Arm Ridge Trail and then Scott Mountain to campsite #6 since the rest of Scott is closed due to storm damage. Rich Mountain and Cerulean Knob are over 3,500’, and as I ascended the fog thickened and the rain became downright heavy. The video of campsite #6 shows the beginnings of the harder stuff. Once I reached the Rich Mountain Trail turnoff, I followed Indian Grave Gap Trail and Rich Mountain Loop Trail down to the John Oliver place, a wonderfully restored cabin near Cades Cove Road. This hike set up the great hike that followed on Sunday to finish this area. 

Total mileage is 9.1 miles.

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