Wolf Ridge Trail, Long Hungry Ridge Trail

April 13, 2023

Far along Hwy. 28, near Tapoco and Joyce Kilmer, is a small ranger station and parking lot, Twentymile. This area is a favorite, as you are unlikely to see others and mostly have the trail to yourself. This whole region is amazing beyond words. Graham and Swain Counties are legitimately one of the best locations for hiking on this planet. It is incredible that following places are all in two counties: Tsali, Cheoah, Joyce Kilmer, Twentymile, Fontana, Deep Creek, Bartram Trail, Appalachian Trail, Benton MacKaye Trail. One place! The best part is that the populations are low and there’s hardly any cell service and no distracting human-made light at night. Amazing.

From Twentymile it is an arduous, steep climb up Wolf Ridge for over 6 miles, gaining 3,310 ft. Soon after campsite #95, the trail becomes even more steep. It levels off at Parson Bald (not bald anymore) and ends at the luxurious campsite #13. Gregory Bald is an amazing destination, giving me almost a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. As I descended Long Hungry (a steeper and less groomed trail), I encountered an older couple trudging up the trail and talked to them for a little bit. They were out to camp at #13 for the night, even though some tough storms were heading into the area. Soon I descended to campsite #92, which is a wonderful spot. I was slightly preoccupied with the stream crossing, as I had heard it was tough. But, it was fine and there was a large tree to walk over in lieu of getting into the water.

I highly recommend Twentymile. I love it.

Total mileage is 16.8 miles.

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