Old Settlers Trail

November 3, 2022 Old Settlers Trail is steeped in history and much has been written and documented about this trail over the years. Foremost among those is the tremendous book, History Hikes of the Smokies by Michal Strutin, who meticulously and with great wit writes about the families that once lived along this beautiful area. … More Old Settlers Trail

Gunter Fork Trail

October 16, 2022 Gunter Fork Trail has alluded me for years. I’ve never tried to hike it; it’s just sort of in the middle of nowhere. The trail itself is not insurmountable, at only 4.1 miles and 2,328 ft. of ascent. The problem with Gunter is getting there and getting back. One terminus starts after … More Gunter Fork Trail

Old Sugarlands Trail

September 22, 2022 Old Sugardlands is not a difficult trail; it may gain 1,000 ft. over 3.9 miles. It’s a historic hike full of side treks to a former CCC camp, rock walls, a rock house and sketchings of a bygone era. On this day, an easy trail turned into a hassle. I started from … More Old Sugarlands Trail

Rainbow Falls Trail, Bullhead Trail (last 1/3)

September 17, 2022 The first 2.7 miles of the Rainbow Falls Trail are very popular. Throngs of tourists traipse up what is a very well-maintained trail to the famous 80 ft. falls. Large, hand-hewn stones make stairs upon trails large enough fit 4-5 people side-by-side. On this day, the falls were but a trickle as … More Rainbow Falls Trail, Bullhead Trail (last 1/3)