Natural Bridge

June 11, 2016

The family left from Sylva early this morning and slowly made our way through Asheville and north on I-26 in the Subaru. Packed to the brim with Alice, Ramona, luggage, my pack, and food we putt-putted along. Instead of powering through the trip to reach Vermont and the Long Trail, we decided to take our time and see a part of America we have never seen.

Natural Bridge in Virginia is amazing. It’s a stone bridge made of limestone some 215 feet high. Over time Cedar Creek has eroded a giant hole through the rock, producing an awe-inspiring natural landmark. History tells the story that George Washington visited the site as a young surveyor, initialing G.W. into the rock. In 1774, Thomas Jefferson purchased the bridge and land from King George.

There are many great sites on this short trail: the remnants of the oldest arbor vitae in the world, a recreated Monacan Village, and Lace Falls.

Total mileage is 1.5 miles.

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