Long Trail -Day 5

Long Trail – Day 5

June 18, 2016

Manchester Center to Lost Pond Shelter

I got a relatively late start from the Econo Lodge and was on the trail by 8:30 am. A huge thanks to Fred from Green Mountain Hostel who picked me up on the highway to give me a ride to the trailhead. Wish I had stayed there!

The push up Bromley Mountain first thing in the morning was tough, but good. At the top of Bromley is a ski lift strangely in the shape of a spaceship. The top of the mountain offers a rare 360 degree view of the area. It was quite beautiful.

I’m starting get understand my body in relation to hiking. If I eat first thing in the morning, I really don’t feel well. But, if I hike 1-2 miles and then eat I feel so much better.

From Bromley the trail descends to Mad Tom Notch. A group of guys were sitting around eating, chatting and listening to music. I ended up joining them and instantaneously hit it off. Within minutes I was laughing as well. GBear, Snus, House, and Gray Blaze are incredible guys: friendly, nice, funny. They are all thru hiking the AT, and for the rest of the day I hiked with them, took breaks with them and had a blast. This is the first group I’ve met that I’ve really liked.

After Mad Tom, the trail enters Peru Peak Wilderness. I love the sensation of entering a designated wilderness. It’s akin the entering a magical forest, for that is what they are: so important that the federal government has said that no one can disturb, not even a machine can be used in its presence.

The hike up Baker Mountain was a bit of a scramble, but it gave us gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. We then entered Big Branch Wilderness, which carries a special Tolkien-like feel.

The trail then steadily heads downhill towards Lost Pond Shelter. I made camp there and as I write this am sitting by a fire deep in the woods with the gentle sound of a creek in the background.

Total mileage is 14.8 miles.

5 thoughts on “Long Trail -Day 5

  1. Oh! I love this passage so much! In my field we call that point of entry into the wilderness you had “liminal space”. It’s when you leave one experience of time and space and enter another. Truly a spiritual experience. I had it yesterday just laying in my hammock in the back yard with a beer and my boyfriend. Good stuff. Happy Father’s Day! I know this is a special and sacred day for you. Thinking of you as you continue on the path. Hugs!

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