Long Trail – Day 6

Long Trail – Day 6

June 19, 2016

Lost Pond Shelter to Minerva Hinchey Shelter

Today was tough. The heat and humidity were tremendous. I started early at 7:30 am and hiked all day with House and Gray Blaze. Gray Blaze is the most well read person I’ve met. He asked what I was reading and I told home The Sound And The Fury. He then recounted the devices that Faulkner uses in the novel as a college professor might. While extremely humble Gray has also hiked the Coast-to-Coast Trail in England, traveled extensively and cycled across America. I really enjoyed listening to his recommendations regarding movies and books.

I also enjoyed hiking with House. He brings a great southern folksiness to the trail.
The trail is relatively easy until the climb up White Rocks. A big difference in my hiking is two-fold: in town I purchased more tortillas, summer sausages, and cheese. It’s all I want on the trail. If I never see another Cliff Bar or instant oatmeal packet again in my life, it will suit me perfectly fine. The other reason is hiking with G-Bear and Snus. They are hiking the AT and have hiked over 1,700 miles. They are constantly giving me sage advice about food, foot care, keeping mice away, and health in general. They are very knowledgable as well as jovial. I will be sad to say goodbye to all of them in two days when the Long Trail and AT bifurcate.

At the end of the day we crossed Hwy. 140 and ascended Bear Mountain before arriving at Minerva Hinchey. The trail journal was full of warnings of the mice and a rogue porcupine. There’s even a pitchfork and rocks in the shelter, presumably for defense of said porcupine. I’ve decided to pitch my tarp with the other tenters.

Total mileage is 14.9 miles.

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