Long Trail – Day 7

Long Trail – Day 7

June 20, 2016

Minerva Hinchey Shelter to Cooper Lodge

Last night was horrid. I started tarping at 8:30; by 10:30 I realized that the mosquitos were not going to abate. The temperature was unbearably hot. To escape the skeeters I had to put on my head net, and fully wrap my bag around me. From the sound of the bugs around my face and the sweat from a 25 degree bag and 70 degree weather, I went back to the shelter. Unfortunately, despite my quietness, GBear mistook me for a porcupine and yelled.

Throughout the night the mice were chewing the roof, waking me. At 6:00 am I was up and ready to leave Minerva. The hike today was short, but brutal in spots. The descent down to Clarendon Gorge was beautiful. At the base was a long swinging bridge over the river. All the guys were waiting at the bridge and had a grand idea: hike .5 miles on the road to Qu’s Whistle Stop Cafe. If you are hiking the Long Trail or AT, stop there! It was beautiful eating a bacon, egg cheeseburger, fries and ice cream at 9:30 am. The staff was stellar and kind.

The afternoon was a series of hard hikes, rock scrambles and a final, brutal push up Killington Mountain. I was so proud to lead the charge up the mountain for the group.
Tonight we are packed in Cooper Lodge, where the wind is blowing the fir trees and the sunset is beautiful.

Total mileage is 13.8 miles.

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