Long Trail – Day 8

Long Trail – Day 8

June 21, 2016

Cooper Lodge to Rutland, VT

Cooper Lodge was not a nice shelter. The site was idyllic, perched high aloft Killington Mountain, the moss, ferns and firs dotted the landscape in much the same way as the mountains back home in North Carolina. Rain was in the forecast, so 11 hikers were all packed into the lofts. About 1:00 am I stepped outside to see the strawberry moon, but the clouds covered the sky and soon thereafter the rain started.

I woke early and started down the mountain. The roots and rocks were slick, through the forest the morning fog encased the trees, creating a beautiful scene. Soon the sun poked through the clouds and some views crept through. After two miles I passed a personal milestone: 100 miles. Never before have I hiked so far on a trip.

My plan was to hike 6.3 miles to Rutland, VT and take a nero (nearly a zero day). My Achilles’ tendon is starting to hurt slightly, and I need to rest it.
I easily got a hitch into town from Jeff, an outdoorsman living in Vermont, but originally from New York. The town of Rutland is beautiful and the architecture is very impressive.

The group of hikers I’ve been with all stopped at the Yellow Deli hostel/restaurant. The hostel is based on a donation and is very clean and nice.

I quickly made my grocery list:
Bacon, Summer Sausage, Avocado, Hand sanitizer, Cheese!, Tortillas, Wipes, Neosporin, Band Aids, Camp shoes, Peanut Butter, Bug Spray, Super Glue

My energy levels have really increased since I incorporated meat and cheese into my diet. Once I finished my resupply I met up with Gray Blaze and House for dinner and a beer. It was a great afternoon.

Total mileage is 6.3 miles.

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