Twentymile Loop Trail

January 28, 2023

This is a delightful trail; the type of hike that you revisit in various seasons just to experience it. Stepping onto the loop, you feel as if you’re being greeted by a wise old friend. One that is kind, desirous to instruct and show you things of old. 

At only 2.9 miles, it has beautiful winter views, creek crossing on log bridges, and wonderful cove foliage. From Proctor Field Gap (pictured below with sign), the trail descends before crossing some great creeks. There was a certain smell in the air. I remarked as I went over a bridge that it was like an old cabin, ancient. 

The loop trail is nestled a short distance from Twentymile Ranger Station, connecting Wolf Ridge and Twentymile Ridge. Halfway along the loop, the trail ascends Long Hungry Ridge, but it is not difficult. Soon gorgeous winter views appear. The trail gingerly winds around mountains, presenting both wonderful vistas and views of the valley below. 

At the western terminus, a brand-spanking new bridge (below) has been built to traverse a brisk, yet awe-inspiring creek, that I presume to be Moore Springs Branch. The cuttings were so fresh, that semi-dry sawdust littered the floor. I could have stood all day at the spot, it was idyllic. The return via Wolf Ridge Trail and the car was spent going over 6 log bridges, but the rest of that trail will have to wait for another day. 

Total mileage is 7.8 miles.

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