Huskey Gap Trail

January 19, 2023

I really like this trail. Huskey Gap starts off Newfound Gap Road, not too far from Gatlinburg. As you climb the first part of the trail, look back and you will have some splendid views of Bull Head, which is just one of best-looking mountains in the region. The first two miles of Husky are straight up hill, roughly 1,300 ft. in two miles. On this day, the recent snow had melted, the temperatures were in the low 60’s and the few clouds in the sky gave way to brilliant sunshine. Moss, ferns, and wet, red leaves dotted the landscape on a brilliant winter’s day. 

The trail intersects Sugarland Mountain Trail before descending 600 feet to the Little River Trail for 2 miles. The recent rain and snow made Little River roar along, brimming with speed. I stopped at the nice log bridge at the terminus, taking in the sunshine and whitewater. 

The return hike was pleasant; I grabbed a hiking stick and enjoyed the sunshine in my face and the slight rustling of leaves from the warm breeze. As I neared the end, I met a nice solo hiker going to camp at campsite #21 off Husky for the night. It was a short interaction, but in the wild, most interactions are special. Such is the medicine of the wilderness; it solves at sorts of social ills. It makes us remember that this life is meant to be enjoyed and cherished. 

Total mileage is 8.2 miles.

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