Bearwallow Mountain Fire Tower

August 26, 2018

The second hike of the day was to another fire tower in Western North Carolina. This one located near the border of Henderson and Buncombe Counties in what is called the Hickory Nut Gorge area. I have not done any hiking in this area, so I knew little of what to expect from the metropolitan area known as Gerton, NC.

Without a doubt, this is the best hike and best trail that I have done this year. From the gate at the top of Bearwallow Mountain Road, the trail winds upon a gentle grade up the mountain for less than a mile. The colors on this August day of pink turtlehead flowers, the deep forest green of the ever present ferns, the trail that quietly climbs natural steps laid in the terrain, all created a memorable hike.

It is not often that I add a trail to my list of favorite hikes, but this trail is one of them.

Total mileage is 2 miles.

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