Middle Prong Trail

April 25, 2023

The Laurel Falls Trail was as ugly as the Middle Prong Trail was bewitching. This trail is chock-full of lush forests, thunderous waterfalls, beautiful foliage, and it is nearly devoid of hikers. I highly recommend it.

Five (5) miles along Upper Tremont Road is a hidden trail. Certainly one that I did not know existed. The Tremont area is exquisite, the Middle Prong is one of the best trails I have hiked in the Smoky’s. The trail is only 4.1 miles and for most of its length is wide and rocky. Near the confluence of Lynn Camp Prong and Greenbrier, the off-the-track, Indian Flat Falls presents as if a gem to be discovered by those who by chance happen upon its grandeur.

What a lovely place.

Total mileage is 8.2 miles.

One thought on “Middle Prong Trail

  1. Beautiful! I will definitely check it out. I am not as familiar with the trails in Tennessee. This one sounds worth my while (and of a length I can manage).

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