Long Trail – Day 10

Long Trail – Day 10

June 23, 2016

Rutland, VT to David Logan Shelter

I almost got off the trail today. When I called my wife before getting on the LT I heard her voice and my baby’s voice. I had just said goodbye to the guys and I was alone on the trail. My Achilles’ tendon is still hurting. I texted Emily early in the day and she urged me to continue and not stop. She’s my best friend, I trust her advice deeply. I kept walking down the trail.

At the Rolston Rest Shelter I stopped for lunch and met an awesome Nobo, Chuck, as well as the Two Jews. We had a great meal, and I enjoyed talking to them. As I was packing up, Stop and Go walked up. They were the French Canadian couple I met on Day 3. Even though I had only shared a snack with them, Go ran up and hugged me. Even Chuck said he had been waiting to meet me. Apparently all of them had been reading my journal entries at the shelters.

That’s the amazing thing about the trail, life is different. Life is more special, relationships better. I feel like these new friends have been friends for years, not days.
The days’ hiking was not bad. I did a little over 12 miles and wanted to take it slow with a full pack. There weren’t many views, but a small glimpse of a Chittenden Reservoir. The terrain is slowly changing, the AT section was fairly flat, but now there is a more rugged, rooted, up and down terrain.

At dinner and lunch I ate bacon, cheese avocado wraps that really quenched my hunger.
At camp my Achilles is hurting, but Stop showed me some stretches and things to try to loosen it up. I’m hopeful it will stop swelling in the coming days.

Total mileage is 12.7 miles.

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