Wagon Road Gap Trail

September 17, 2017

It’s been nearly a month since my last hiking post, much too long an absence from the woods. Life gets hectic at times, things happen, schedules tighten, but one must make time for the outdoors.

The Wagon Road Gap Trail is a connector between Turkey Pen Gap Trail and the South Mills River Trail. There’s no easy way to get there; 2.5 miles straight up Turkey or 4 miles up South Mills. While it’s only .7 miles, it’s quite a verdant, wonderful trail.

I chose to hike up Turkey Pen Gap Trail. Shortly past Sharpy Mountain (a nice 1,000 ft. plus climb) I descended to Sandy Gap, followed shortly by Wagon Road Gap. I had the trail to myself on this pleasant Sunday morning stroll. No other hikers, no mountain bikers. At the Gap turning off to the trail, I stopped, sat down, drank water and listened. Birds chirped profusely, somewhere behind me a squirrel flitted in and out of leaves, the wind whispered through the tree tops, the sun shining on the moving canopy.

The trail is short, but somewhat steep. Fall was beginning to make its presence felt: ferns discoloring, flowers are waning, orange and brown hues appearing.

When I hike, I constantly look upwards. So much of our world is focused on that which is immediately in front of us; whether it be phones or problems or work. The woods are a refuge, looking up reminds us that we are not the center, we are merely a part.

GPS link: https://www.movescount.com/moves/move177264706

Total mileage is 6.51 miles.

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