Kephart Prong Trail, Sweat Heifer Creek Trail, Grassy Branch Trail

December 5, 2015 “It is one of the blessings of wilderness life that it shows us how few things we need in order to be perfectly happy.” – Horace Kephart Horace Kephart exemplifies why anyone of any walk of life can become an outdoorsman. A librarian by trade, he worked in St. Louis and Yale … More Kephart Prong Trail, Sweat Heifer Creek Trail, Grassy Branch Trail

Thomas Divide Trail

November 27, 2015 William Holland Thomas was a renaissance man: attorney, North Carolina State Senator, soldier, Principal Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. In fact, he is to this day, the only white person to be chief of the Cherokee. During the Civil War, he led a legion of Cherokee Indians and mountain … More Thomas Divide Trail

Kanati Fork Trail

November 20, 2015 It is tough being a lawyer. Not because the job is particularly hard, but because of the stress. Imagine your worse memory: parents splitting, getting arrested, losing your job, losing your house, losing your kids. All day we listen to people describe their worst moments in life. No one goes to a … More Kanati Fork Trail

Loop Trail

November 11, 2015 At the southern end of the Smokey’s; Deep Creek is a wonderful place for family day-hiking filled with meandering trails, easy grades, chartreuse pools in the creek, fallen orange leaves on the forest floor and tall waterfalls. Emily, Ramona, Alice and I enjoyed a hike on the Deep Creek Loop. We started … More Loop Trail

Alum Cave Trail

November 6, 2015 “There are trees here that stood before our forefathers ever came to this continent; there are brooks that still run as clear as on the day the first pioneer cupped his hand and drank from them. In this Park, we shall conserve these trees, the pine, the red-bud, the dogwood, the azalea, … More Alum Cave Trail