Cold Mountain

December 13, 2014

Cold Mountain is famous because of Charles Frazier’s book of the same name.  I remember reading this wonderful story when I came home from college-break one Christmas.

George Vanderbilt once owned the land and donated it to form part of the Pisgah National Forest and the Shining Rock Wilderness.

There is no denying the special feel that encompasses Cold Mountain.

The 5.2-mile route on the Art Loeb Trail from Camp Daniel Boone starts with steep uphill switchbacks.  Roughly 3 ½ to 4 miles into the hike, you reach Deep Gap with wonderful, albeit windy camping.  The trail bifurcates, and the traveler bears left to hike the final 1.4 miles on the Cold Mountain Trail.  This trail is rougher than the Art Loeb Trail. ¾ mile up is a great spring.  Snow on the mountain was plentiful, getting to 5 inches in spots.  The summit provides a wonderful view of Shining Rock and Pisgah Mountain.

This will be the first posting in my attempt to hike all of Carolina Mountain Club’s South Beyond 6000.

Total mileage is 10.4 miles.

Art Loeb Trail
entrance to Art Loeb Trail at Camp Daniel Boone
Art Loeb Trail
Art Loeb Trail
Cold Mountain Trail
tree at Deep Gap
Cold Mountain Trail
fir near summit of Cold Mountain
Cold Mountain
view from Cold Mountain
Cold Mountain
marker on summit of Cold Mountain

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