Bent Creek Experimental Forest: Part 2

January 2, 2017

I hardly ever hike on Saturday. That is Emily’s day to do art, go to Asheville, go running.  That is what we fondly call “Dada Day”, where the girls and I go out, play games, do work around the house. Sunday we switch and I head out early and spend hiking in the woods. This sharing of duties helps two introverts recharge. We want to share the weekend in the most egalitarian manner.

Monday was different, because it was an unexpected day off from work. Since there was a chance of rain, we didn’t want to take Alice out, so instead I hiked in the morning and Em took the afternoon to run.

Heading back to Bent Creek, I hiked four (4) more trails in the northern section: Hardtimes Connector Trail, Deer Lake Lodge Trail, Wolf Branch Trail, and Ledford Trail. A most pleasant morning hike in foggy conditions.

GPS Link:

Total mileage is 5.96 miles.

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